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Coffee isn’t just a beverage but an experience that transcends borders, cultures, religion and provides the truest expression of a global community and we at Long Neck Coffee do our best to provide you with freshest and richest coffee.

Fa-La-La-La Llama Blend
Fa-La-La-La Llama Blend

Fa-La-La-La Llama Blend

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Whole or Ground

Celebrate the holidays with this festive blend of coffee from Central and South America. With notes of brown sugar, cherries and chocolate, this is sure to be a favorite. It is only around for the holiday season so be sure to grab some for yourself and gifts for friends and family. 

What grind is best for me?

Grinding whole beans right before you brew your coffee is suggested for the most flavorful coffee but for those pressed for time, we offer the following grinding options:

  • Drip Machines or Pour Over (Chemex, V60, etc) - Select drip as your grind preference.
  • Espresso or AeroPress - Select espresso as your grind preference
  • French Press or Cold Brew - Select coarse as your grind preference.

What Makes Us Different?

Like so many other down-to-earth coffee lovers, we were tired of choosing between stale grocery store coffee and painfully overpriced boutique brews. Setting gimmicks aside, we're dedicated to nothing less than making the best fresh roasted coffee accessible to anyone with the internet and a mailbox.

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Top quality as ever at realistic prices. Love the Product I received. It came earlier than the delivery date. Lovely experience. Thanks

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Best shopping experience ever. They deliver on time. Prices are good. Above all quality is exceptional.

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I purchased 2 products and I'm overwhelmed with the quality at such prices. Many thanks, I'll definitely buy again.

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Always good Quality products at a reasonable price. Timely and professional service. Second to none. Recommended.

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